How to cope if primary school pupils all get Friday pms off

According to a recent article in The Telegraph by Camilla Turner, Education Editor, effective September 2019, every Friday afternoon Neyland Community School, a primary school in Pembrokeshire, west Wales will be closing its gates at 12.15 pm rather than 3.20 pm.

The school’s indicated that the decision is intended to improve their children’s education, in addition to enabling families to spend more quality time together.

The idea’s received a mixed response from parents, however.

Some parents have suggested it will be good for their children & will be ready to collect them at the earlier time.

Others, however, have complained that they will need to juggle their Friday afternoon work commitments to fit in with the new primary school timetable.

The school hopes the early finish will “further raise standards and improve outcomes for learners across the school”.

The article also comments that sixth form students at Hampton Court House, a private school in Surrey, have lessons from 1.30 pm until 7 pm.

A source at the school stated that there’s “compelling evidence” to suggest that teenagers are genetically predisposed to going to bed later at night than adults and getting up later in the morning.

It will be interesting to see whether other state schools follow a similar path to reduce their pupil’s hours, since the article suggests that the hours teachers work will not be similarly reduced.

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