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Peterborough Tuition can provide tutoring to support your child’s studies in specific core subject areas that are essential for their schooling and education.

Whether you’re seeking ongoing tutoring for one or many subjects, ‘spot tuition’ for an impending exam, or tuition to prepare for longer-term results, we can help.

My wife and I are both experienced in particular subjects and work together to ensure that our pupils receive the best support possible.

We’ve helped pupils, each starting from different ability levels, to improve their knowledge and understanding of their subjects – and more importantly perhaps, their confidence in their own ability.

Free initial tuition assessment

Because every child is different, as are the reasons parents might be considering working with a tutor, we find it best to begin by taking an assessment of their starting position.

Once we’ve spoken to you we can determine the best way to achieve this, and because we don’t have to meet up for this particular step it’s perfectly suited for online tutoring.

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Feedback of results

Once your child has completed and returned the assessment we would mark and review it and discuss the results with you.

We’re not looking for a ‘pass mark’ as such, just to assess where they are in their learning progress compared to where we feel they could be, based upon their age and previous study experience.

If appropriate we can then suggest a plan to support their studies of the subsequent months, the exact shape of which would be something to agree at the time.

peterborough gcse maths tutoring

Subjects tutored

We can provide tutoring in maths including maths GCSE resitsEnglishScience, including physics, chemistry and biology and 11+ examinations.

You can discover more about how we can support your child’s studies by following the links above.

How do we meet to tutor your child?

We work with families who are in a variety of locations by online tutoring and additionally, for those located in or around the Peterborough area we may have the capacity to tutor in-person.

You can read more about our online tutoring and face to face tutoring here.

Additional information in our blog

We regularly blog on issues related to education, teaching, learning and study techniques and would suggest that the posts we’ve noted below may be useful if you are considering selecting a tutor for your children.

Naturally, you’re at liberty to look through the other posts in our blog too – in fact we’d love you to stick around for a while!

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Request a callback today

We’d love to speak with you and hear about what you might want us to help your children with and to do this simply click on this link or press the button below and you’ll be directed to our private contact form.

We read and respond to each enquiry personally and either myself, Charles, or my wife, Shoshana, will contact you to discuss your family’s requirements.

I do hope this has been helpful and we look forward to hearing from you.