State and private independent schools by county

Sometimes, when discussing schooling with parents, we find they’ve already got in mind possible schools for their children.

On other occasions, however, we’ll discover that some parents aren’t always aware of the schools in their area.

We’ll be expanding these pages to cover further counties, but for now here are the main counties most local to us.

Don’t worry if your location isn’t listed, as we’ve helped parents outside of these counties and we too have sent our children to schools out of this area as well.

School lists by county and type

On the pages that are linked below you’ll find outline information by county in respect of schools in each location.

There are separate pages for the private independent schools in each of the named counties.

We’ve also included details of any grammar schools in each county, in addition to any other state schools that operate a published partially selective admissions criteria.


Private independent schools

Partially selective state schools


Private independent schools

Grammar schools


Private independent schools


Private independent schools


Private independent schools


Private independent schools