How this small village school is making other parents jealous

In a time when schools seem to be getting bigger and bigger Plumtree School stands out as a superb example of a traditional village school, with a family feel.

We were pleased, therefore, to read this article in the West Bridgeford Wire recently which detailed the successes of Plumtree School.

It’s pleasing to note that not only did every pupil at Plumtree’s small, independent village school secure a place at their first choice of secondary school, but the vast majority achieved scholarships for academia, music and all-round excellence.

This is all the more rewarding to see when taken in the context that Plumtree is a non-selective private primary school and most of their 11+ leavers go on to the our local independent grammar and public schools in their Nottingham area.

Music and sport are both valued alongside academic prowess and so I’m sure next year’s leavers will be achieving just as good a set a results as this year’s set.

Destination schools include:

  • Loughborough Grammar School
  • Nottingham High School
  • Our Lady’s Convent School
  • Ratcliffe College

Being a village school enables it to make the fullest use of the local facilities, which means a proportion of the school’s fees are filtering back into local area. Some of those facilities include:

  • The Burnside Hall
  • Plumtree Church
  • Plumtree Cricket Field
  • Cotgrave Leisure Centre Sports Hall
  • Keyworth Swimming Pool

Whilst I’m sure that Plumtree School has a full waiting list for places, if you live near to the Nottingham school and are considering schools for your youngest children, then you’d do well to put in a call to Mr Phil Simpson, the Head Teacher.

Photo credit West Bridgford Wire

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