Early planning is always best

Every year a select few parents discover that their child has been successful in securing a scholarship place to a top public school as a result of their child’s exceptional talents in a specific field of endeavour.

Scholarships, which are sometimes also referred to as Exhibitions or Awards, are awarded to a select few children for Academic, Musical or Sports related abilities.

Prep Schools and Senior Schools often award scholarships to a select few applicants each year.

Whilst, in theory, any child can be put forward for a scholarship, in practice each school will invariably have their own specific criteria for selecting the winning applicants.

In addition with their differing criteria, individual schools each have their own timetables and cut-off dates applications and subsequent exam sittings.

It’s important, therefore, to ensure that your child isn’t forced to sit a variety of tests for different schools and so where possible identify your first-choice school and set that as the focus of their exam preparation.

Adopt a focused approach

We’ve spoken to parents had been trying to prepare their child for multiple scholarship applications, something that invariably leads to disappointment.

It’s always better to take a holistic view, to consider all factors, such as the school, its location, the entrance criteria, any bursary options and so on, and from there narrow down ones focus to just a couple of scholarships.

This will enable parents, tutors, teachers and your child to work together following a structured timetable with clear end goals.


Along with scholarships for top candidates, most private schools can provide an amount of fee reduction in the format of a bursary. You can find out more about bursaries on our bursaries page.

Scholarships and bursaries are discussed in further detail in our blog.