Online tutoring

Many pupils (and their parents) have found that on-line tutoring is preferable to the traditional method of face-to-face tutoring, since it offers many benefits.

Health & Safety – Coronavirus

Even before the Covid-19 Cornoavirus situation arose, clients were finding that being able to have their children tutored without worrying about whether a tutor might inadvertently bring bugs into their household was a godsend.

Many pupils have younger siblings, or older relatives who visit and protecting them from such accidental exposure is easily addressed by online tutoring.

All locations covered

By providing online tuition we can support your studies wherever you are located.

This means that if you’ve been searching through google with such terms as “Maths GCSE tutor in Cambridge” or “Physics tutor in Manchester”, or “Maths tutor local to me”, we can help.

As online tutors we’ll be right by your side when you need us, local at a distance as such.

Convenient appointment times

By eliminating travel time between pupils, tutoring sessions in any location can be arranged more closely together and your tutor won’t be arriving in your home stressed (or delayed) due to traffic.

Appointments can fit around family mealtimes too, either just before or immediately after, without affecting the rest of the household.

Can continue whilst on holiday

We’ve worked with families for whom worldwide travel was necessary – and who also wanted their child’s studies to continue.

No problem, since by using standard software we simply continue our tutoring sessions, adjusted for time-zones, and their studies move forwards seamlessly.

We’ve supported our students whilst they have been travelling to various destinations across the world – all that’s required is Zoom, Skype or Facetime and an internet connection.

Simple software requirements

We’ll outline what’s necessary during our initial conversation and can explain how to set this up if required – we don’t need to visit you to do this.

What’s interesting is that many parents find they already have the necessary software and equipment in their homes.

Then, once installed (if required) it’s simply a case of agreeing dates and times for tutoring appointments and ‘going live’ on those times.

Regular reviews

We monitor and feedback how pupils are progressing, so they can understand how much they’ve improved over the previous weeks.

We can identify how they’re progressing and where that fits into possible grade boundaries for Foundation or Higher papers.

Contact us

If you would like a free and without obligation discussion as regards your concerns about your child’s studies please complete our enquiry form and we’ll call you back.

For those who are local and once the Covid-19 situation has resolved we can provide face-to-face along with on-line-tuition for students and thus provide a blended approach where necessary.