Maths tuition can help to make maths both fun for your child and easier too

Whether you child is in KS1 or KS2 and beginning their maths learning or progressing through their pre-GCSE years in KS3 or KS4, we can help.

We’re able to break down the different parts of their syllabus and help them to build a strong understanding of how it all comes together.

Maths doesn’t have to be scary – trust us, we’ve seen many children learn to love maths (and a few parents too!)

It’s a bold claim, but we know that regular maths tuition ensures that once a student understands how to work with maths their confidence improves and they become more comfortable in tackling the next part of their course.

For many students, however, maths is something to be feared, disliked, or simply given up on – and if you or your children feel that way then We CAN Help.

By helping to bridge the gap between what they already know, across to where they need to be to pass their exams, we can make maths enjoyable AND easy.

We’ll help to uncover and resolve any missed learnings or misinterpretations and ensure they’ve got a strong understanding of each part of the syllabus before moving onto the next.

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It’s ok to ask for help

But students aren’t always willing to ask in class for help if they’re confused.

Sometimes it’s because they don’t want to be seen as not-knowing, or possibly they feel embarrassed, or even that they’ve seen other children being ‘told off’ for not knowing something previously.

Whatever the reason, it’s easy for the opportunity for learning to pass them by, and, this is another area where we as tutors can help.

As experienced tutors we both know that there’s no such thing as a ‘silly question’ about any subject, and we’re always ready to explain concepts and break down steps so your child will ‘get it’ for themselves.

GCSE Maths – All examination boards

We can help students with maths tuition to study the GCSE syllabus ensuring they are fully prepared for their examinations. We can support your studies whether your school follows the AQA, Edxecel or OCR maths GCSE syllabus.

Foundation or Higher level tier

Whether Foundation or Higher, we can support your child’s studies and ensure that they focus their time upon those parts of the course that will appear in their final exams.

Regular assessments

As their tutoring sessions progress we provide students with all the necessary study and practice materials and will regularly review their progress, mindful of exam deadlines or coursework submission dates.

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A stepped approach

This is why we will ensure that all the key ‘building blocks’ are in place and fully understood before progressing on to the next levels of maths that your child needs to learn.

Following a strong, structured approach, along with regular constructive assessment is the best way to ensure that the various formulae, methods, theorems and suchlike are learnt so they can be recalled when required.

We can also ensure that your child understands each part of the syllabus before moving on, and where necessary, we’re able to take longer to ensure they are fully confident and can work through each question.

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Subject areas

Depending upon your child’s age we will work with them to ensure they understand the structure of maths, from the rules around addition and subtraction, through such concepts as algebra and formulae, all the way up to calculus and differentiation.

We’re able to ensure that any gaps in their studies are bridged so they can achieve the highest possible grades to support their further ambitions, be they to take an apprenticeship position, to go up to university or to secure a good first job.

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To find out more about how we could support you and your children’s aims for their education please complete our enquiry form and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Due to the present coronavirus related issues we are currently only offering online tutoring, however, for families in the Peterborough area, once the Government has confirmed the ‘all clear’ we will be offering face-to-face tutoring again.