How might your child benefit from regular tutoring sessions?

For many parents, the decision as to whether to secure the services of a tutor is something they’d not considered previously.

Many parents feel, quite understandably, that their child’s school should be able to provide a full educational support programme.

The reality, however, is that many schools are compromised in time, money and staff availability and therefore some students miss out on the strongest support, or simply ‘slip through the net’.

And so if you’re also thinking of employing a tutor for your child, some of the questions we might ask you might include:

  • Do you have goals or dreams for your children’s education?
  • Is your child lacking in confidence or struggling to keep up?
  • Have they perhaps missed out on some schooling years?
  • Is there a particular career or profession that you’d like them to be able to enter?
  • Would you like them to be able to secure a place at a good University, perhaps Oxbridge or one from the Russell Group?
  • Are they finding it hard to stay focused during the Covid-19 Coronavirus school lockdowns?
  • Are they in a Foundation class but want to achieve a Higher grade pass?
  • Have they recently entered the UK school system and are struggling to keep up?
  • Are they a high achiever who’s not been stretched enough?

Whatever your child’s age or academic ability, We Can Help.

“It’s never too soon to start helping your child to get ahead with their academic studies, & it’s never too late to help improve their confidence & ability.”

Free no-obligation assessment

It can be hard, as parents, to correctly assess how ‘good’ our own children are in any particular school subjects.

Trying to make comparisons between the results achieved by their friends is often an unfair comparison, since every family situation is different and their friends may simply learn in a different way to your children.

free online tuition assessment maths english tutoring

That’s why it’s important to begin with a clear and unbiased assessment as to how much of a particular subject a student actually knows.

For maths this may involve their completion of some brief tests, covering certain areas from the syllabus, to identify any gaps in their understanding.

For science, whether biology, physics, chemistry or a combined paper, a similar approach would be used, so we can understand more as to where any gaps in their knowledge exist.

For English language and literature we would review areas such as their story writing skills, along with their understanding and use of specific parts of the English language.

This is something we can carry out whether you are an online client or if we were meeting face-to-face, since we can easily provide you with the necessary work for your child to complete and then return to us.

We can provide you with a free and without obligation assessment of your child’s current level and ability – contact us for further details.