Have you ever wondered why so many parents get a tutor for their children?

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Research by The Sutton Trust showed that in London more than two in every five pupils had received tutoring at some point in their education.

Similar figures are found when assessing tutor-uptake in the home-counties too.

In many locations is a case of limited supply of places creating ever-increasing competition to secure places in the most in-demand schools in the London area.

Furthermore, one in three (33%) pupils had received tuition for specific GCSE exams, and 27% for a school entrance exam (such as King’s Peterborough and Bourne Grammar).

Almost half (47%) said it was to help with their school work in general.

What does a tutor offer your child?

  • One to one time focused on helping to learn their subject.
  • An ability to ‘unpack’ each step, question, or concept into individual parts, so that your child can understand, and apply their new knowledge.
  • Experience of what questions mean and examiners expect, so that they can help to maximise the marks obtained.

It’s important that your child has a strong understanding of the core school subjects, English, maths and science and tutoring in these subjects will help to develop their confidence and ability to work quickly and accurately.

Overcomes ‘stop-start’ teaching

Many schools are finding it ever-more difficult to both recruit, and then keep, quality teachers. The net effect of this is that for many pupils there is there

What subjects are most often requested?

According to recent research by The Sutton Trust the most popular subject currently requested to be tutored are:

Maths – 77%
English – 55%
Science – 30%

Class sizes aren’t going to be reducing anytime soon, and with the learning-loss caused by pupils being forced to stay away from school, your child could miss out because of other children’s lack of understanding their subjects.

We’re working with parents this week to help them to keep their child’s skills fresh – your child WILL be back in school someday soon, don’t let this opportunity to keep their skills developing pass them by.

If you’d like to find out more about your child could benefit from tutoring, both online now and possibly face to face when the Coronavirus restrictions are lifted, contact us today for a free assessment and consultation.

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