Frequently asked questions

Here are some of the questions we’ve been asked by parents and students about tutoring.

If what you want to know isn’t here then drop us a line and we’d be pleased to answer that for you.

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How does online tutoring work?

We can connect with you by Skype or Zoom as these provide the best combination of image and ability to type input.

Technology permits both tutor and student to ‘see’ the same documentation and it’s easy for any written work to be scanned or photographed and sent to and fro.

In the event that Zoom or Skype are not available, such as a network issue, we can work by telephone.

There are many ways we can work together, try us and see how you find it.

How long is each session?

The exact time will depend upon the age of each student and where they are in their studies.

Tutoring sessions are usually 30 minutes, 45 minutes or one-hour duration, but can be longer depending on a student’s requirements.

Why do you teach online?

There are many advantages to online tutoring including providing less disturbance to families and being able to fit more easily into timeslots that would be otherwise unavailable.

In addition, where additional sessions might be required, those can be arranged on a mutually agreed, ad-hoc basis too.

And with the present Cornoavirus Covid-19 lockdown, online tutoring means our tutees are all able to progress with their studies, or have support with their teacher-led classwork, without breaking any social distancing rules.

Do you tutor at client’s homes too?

We do, or did, tutor at local client’s homes, however, the Cornonavirus lockdown means that’s on-hold for the time being.

We’ve migrated our existing clients to online tutoring and this has been well-received.

Once the Covid-19 ban on social distancing is lifted we do intend to provide local home tutoring again, however, many of our ex-face to face clients have said they may stay online, as they find it more flexible.

What equipment do I need for my child?

You’ve quite probably already got everything you need for us to get started.

We usually work over Skype or Zoom, which are free to install.

Some students prefer to listen to us through headphones or earbuds or the speakers in their laptop, PC or Mac.

To speak it’s possible to use an inbuilt mic, or the one that’s incorporated into their headphones or earbuds.

If your PC, laptop, tablet or Mac doesn’t have a video camera it’s possible to purchase and install an inexpensive one.

Depending upon the subject tutored and its level it can be useful to have a graphical tablet to allow quick and easy interaction.

It’s not essential, however, and if required we can suggest some inexpensive items which will be quite suitable.

If any event, we’ll help you to check your setup during an introductory call.

What subjects do you tutor?

We tutor students in Maths and Statistics, English, Science (Chemistry, Biology, Physics) and entrance examination preparation for Grammar Schools and Private Schools.

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Do you tutor during school holidays?

Yes. There have been many research articles produced which have shown that students, of all ages, suffer a learning loss during extended breaks.

With this in mind we will always aim to continue tutoring during school holidays.

Where families are taking holidays during holidays we will do our best to adjust your child’s tutoring sessions accordingly.

What ages do you tutor?

Depending upon the nature of the tutoring required, we usually tutor from age 7 KS2 through KS3 up to age 16 KS4.

We have tutored younger children when their parents wished them to receive preparation for 7+ school entrance exams, and for older students who required support for their A-level studies too.

How much does tutoring cost?

This depends upon the length of the sessions, the frequency and whether you are pre-paying to purchase blocks of sessions.

We can discuss this further during an introductory call.

How and when do I pay?

Tutoring sessions are billed monthly in advance.

Are there any other fees?

No. We don’t charge any additional signing-up or pre-preparation fees.

Other than any books we might require your to prcovide for your child you will only have to cover our tutoring fee.

Can you help with selecting a school for our child?

Yes, we can. We can assist you in reviewing your options regarding state schools, Grammar schools and private (fee-paying) schools.

In respect of private schools, we can help you to identify possible scholarships or bursaries that might be appropriate for your child’s specific abilities and your family’s financial circumstances.

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Due to the present coronavirus related issues we are currently only offering online tutoring, however, for families in the Peterborough area, once the Government has confirmed the ‘all clear’ we will be offering face-to-face tutoring again.

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