Entrance Exam & Scholarship Tests

Unlike UK state schools where places are allocated automatically based upon geographic location, private schools require prospective pupils to sit entrance prior to being offered a place. Exams are set for entrance at 7+ 8+ 11+ and 13+.

Different levels of ability are tested depending upon which year your child would be applying to enter the school, but the tests would usually include maths, English, verbal and non-verbal reasoning.

Candidates would also usually be expected to take part in a brief interview, probably with the head of school or a head a house.

For some schools (usually those testing at 7+, 8+ and some 11+) the entrance exams are less rigorous and used more as a means to guide the school as to what ‘set’ or starting level would be appropriate for your child.

For other schools, however, and definitely in ones where there is over-subscription, the test results obtained by your child may well determine whether they are either offered a place, placed on a wait-list, or that you are suggested it’s best to make alternative arrangements for them elsewhere.

11+ and 13+ Scholarship exams

Some schools provide prospective pupils with the opportunity to sit a more rigorous set of entrance exams, which are known colloquially as ‘scholarship’ exams.

Whilst historically these used to confer upon pupils (or more accurately, their parents) a significant fee remission, most now only provide a token fee reduction amount.

There are still various benefits to securing a scholarship place and so it’s important for parents to realise that many pupils may be trying to secure one of those few places.

Fortune favours those best prepared and we are experienced in preparing pupils for scholarship entrance exams at many private schools including, Eton, Harrow, Oakham, Oundle and others.

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