Don’t let Covid-19 Coronavirus upset your child’s education

If your child’s school has been temporarily closed due to Coronavirus and their education is being disrupted, we can help.

We currently provide face-to-face and online tutoring for our students and have made the necessary arrangements to provide extra capacity for additional online tutoring for additional students.

This means your child doesn’t have to fall behind in the weeks until their school re-opens.

This is especially important for those who will be transitioning in September to a new school. It’s essential that those students ensure they have completed all of the necessary work before starting in their next year group.

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The beginning of a year is important, not only for making new friends and settling into new routines, but also because teachers will be ‘setting’ classes, meaning your child needs to be able to show their best abilities in all their subjects.

The fast spread and lockdown caused by Covid-19 and Coronavirus means your child could be missing out in strengthening their skills at this important time in their education.

Online tutoring is a perfect way to ensure a zero risk of passing on or catching coronavirus, along with the benefit of more flexible appointment times.

Parents, have you considered?

  • Are you concerned about the level of support they are going to be receiving at over the coming months?
  • Do you want them to have the same quality of education as you did, or better?
  • Are you concerned that competition for school places might mean they’ll miss out?
  • Would you like to have a way to successfully remove this stress and worry?

With our tutoring services, you’ll find that your children will be able to stay on track with their studies and if necessary we can enhance their learning so they don’t lose out over the coming months.

Contact us

To find out more about how we could support you and your children’s aims for their education please complete our enquiry form and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Due to the present coronavirus related issues we are currently only offering online tutoring, however, for families in the Peterborough area, once the Government has confirmed the ‘all clear’ we will be offering face-to-face tutoring again.