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Perhaps you’re currently working as a teacher in a school and would like to earn a regular second-income tutoring children in your subject.

Or possibly you’ve taken a break out from teaching and now want to re-start applying your subject knowledge, but outside of the school environment.

If that sounds like you then, let’s speak.

As you’re probably aware, many qualified teachers choose to offer private tuition in addition to their full time jobs, so you won’t be alone in being a tutor.

Tutors can be extremely helpful for pupils in both the state education system and those at private independent schools.

Tutoring is seen as essential by many parents

It can sometimes feel as if every few days there’s another article in the news highlighting how many parents are choosing to employ a tutor to assist their children in developing a deeper understanding of their study subjects.

Allied to this, recent research by the Sutton Trust (their 2018 report) revealed that over one-quarter of young people in England and Wales have received private or home tuition at some stage in their educational journey.

In addition, they recorded that there has been another year-on-year increase in the amount tutored across the last twelve months.

Furthermore, around one-third had received tuition for specific GCSE exams, just over one-quarter for a specific school entrance exam.

Of those question, nearly 50% said it was to help with their school work in general, which tends to suggest that tutoring in one subject has additional benefits in others too.

London is a hotbed of tutoring activity

The ever-competitive nature of school place acquisition in London means that children in that area were significantly more likely to have been in receipt of tutoring, with approximately forty percent of of pupils from schools in London commenting that they’d had tuition at some point.

Tutoring, however, is not limited to just London, we work with families across towns and cities across the UK.

It’s fair to say that unless and until additional school places can somehow be created it’s clear that the competition to secure a place in the most in-demand schools in many areas will continue unabated.

Tutor students who want to learn, in the subjects you love to teach

The parents who contact us are the ones who know how important a good education is, and only want the best for their children.

These children are the ones who want to learn, in an environment free from the distractions of a classroom and are ready to benefit from one-to-one tutoring.

The children we arrange tutors for may be following the National Curriculum, the ISEB Common Entrance syllabus, or may require help with grammar school eleven-plus examination revision.

In addition, some children may be following a home-schooling more informal structure.

What subjects can I tutor?

If you hold a degree or higher qualification in a subject that you’re passionate about then I’m sure there’s going to be a pupil that would love to have you tutor them.

This includes such subjects as maths, English, biology, chemistry, history and geography, along with music.

Clearly, the greater your depth of experience and understanding of both your subject and how to teach it will enable you to be a better tutor, however, we’re not restricted to only having teachers or lecturers as tutors.

It is important, however, that you have a good understanding of how your subject knowledge can be applied to the current syllabus, especially as these have a habit of changing, sometimes all-too frequently.

It’s quite possible that your interest in your subject has developed over many years and you’re someone who has progress far beyond your original degree, with deep personal study in your subject.

If you know your subject like the back of your hand, and can create that level of enthusiauasm in your tutee, you’re the kind of tutor we’d love to meet.

Contact us today

If this sounds like you then get in touch with us via the form below and we’ll take it from there.

We’re always interested to hear from people who could tutor children so they are able to achieve goals such as passing school entry exams or achieving high grades in their GCSE or A-Level exams

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