New prep school opening for pupils in Kensington London SW7

When we discuss independent education with parents they can sometimes feel it’s ok to delay entering the fee paying sector until their child’s of an age to go to a senior school.

It’s as if the idea of a pre-prep or a prep school is an ‘extra’, an early ‘top-up’ that can be dispensed with if funds are tight.

Not so. One of the not often discussed issues within the independent schooling system is that senior schools get such great results from their students, because of the wonderful education those students receive when at their prep-schools.

In fact, for some children it’s the case that after spending quality time at a very good prep-school, that they’ve subsequently transitioned into a quality state maintained school and achieved great exam results.

We’ve previously written about the importance of prep schools and how they can sometimes be seen as ‘just’ feeder schools, rather than an educational establishment that’s important in and of itself.

With this in mind it’s always good to hear about a new prep school coming into the fold.

Because of that I’d like to mention to any of the Kensington parents who weren’t already aware (how could you have missed this?), that Princes Gardens Prep School will be opening in September 2020.

Prince’s Gardens is a new independent preparatory school, in the heart of Kensington, for children aged 3 -11 years.

Jill Walker is the headmistress at Prince’s Gardens Preparatory School and it’s set to open its doors to pupils from September 2020.

And it’s location is simply perfect.

Being situated near to an inspiring selection of museums, the Natural History museum, the V & A and the Science museum, I’m sure their pupils won’t be short of interesting trips out.

If you’d like to discover more here’s a link to their website so if you’d like to know more and be kept in the loop as to availability of places.

And here’s a link to an interesting article about the forthcoming prep school.

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