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Helping parents who care about their children’s education

By supporting your child’s education with online tutoring Peterborough Tuition will help your child to improve their grades and become more comfortable with their studies.

We help students who are great to become even better and support those who feel they lack understanding to overcome those blocks.

We’re here to help your child achieve more and understand more about their key school subjects.

Don’t let your child be affected by Coronavirus learning loss

The school lockdown caused by Covid-19 has meant that many parents are finding it challenging to help with children’s studies.

Online tutoring will ensure that the Cornoavirus led school lockdown won’t hold your child’s studies back.

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Many too are worried that this key time in their studies may, if not handled correctly, cause them to fall behind when their school eventually reopens.

In-school social distancing may also create the need for a phased re-opening of classes, meaning homeschooling may continue longer for some parents than others.

That’s why we’re providing a variety of support services for parents – we can be as flexible as you and your child requires.


Many ‘canny’ parents use tutors regularly

Research by the Sutton Trust reveals that many thousands of parents use the services of tutors.

Those parents come from a wide range of backgrounds and income levels and seek out tutors for a broad mix of reasons.

Many of those parents have experienced the benefits of face-to-face tutoring themselves and are recognise that those benefits could be achieved by online tutoring for their own children too.

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Will my child benefit from tutoring?

If you’re also thinking of employing a tutor for your child, some of the questions we might ask you might include:

  • Do you have goals or dreams for your children’s education?
  • Is your child lacking in confidence or struggling to keep up?
  • Have they perhaps missed out on some schooling years?
  • Is there a particular career or profession that you’d like them to be able to enter?
  • Would you like them to be able to secure a place at a good University, perhaps Oxbridge or one from the Russell Group?
  • Are they finding it hard to stay focused during the Coronavirus school lockdown?
  • Are they in a Foundation class but want to achieve a Higher grade pass?
  • Have they recently entered the UK school system and are struggling to keep up?
  • Are they a high achiever who’s not been stretched enough?

Whatever your child’s age or academic ability, We Can Help.

“It’s never too soon to start helping your child to get ahead with their academic studies, & it’s never too late to help improve their confidence & ability.”

Free no-obligation assessment

It can be hard, as parents, to correctly assess how ‘good’ our own children are in any particular school subjects.

Trying to make comparisons between the results achieved by their friends is often an unfair comparison, since every family situation is different and their friends may simply learn in a different way to your children.

free online tuition assessment maths english tutoring

That’s why it’s important to begin with a clear and unbiased assessment as to how much of a particular subject a student actually knows.

For maths this may involve their completion of some brief tests, covering certain areas from the syllabus, to identify any gaps in their understanding.

For science, whether biology, physics, chemistry or a combined paper, a similar approach would be used, so we can understand more as to where any gaps in their knowledge exist.

For English language and literature we would review areas such as their story writing skills, along with their understanding and use of specific parts of the English language.

This is something we can carry out whether you are an online client or if we were meeting face-to-face, since we can easily provide you with the necessary work for your child to complete and then return to us.

We can provide you with a free and without obligation assessment of your child’s current level and ability – contact us for further details.

Improve Predicted Grades

Whether your child is falling behind in their maths skills, or if they’re already at the top of the class, they will benefit from focused guidance to improve their skills and results.

This means we’ll be able to focus upon exactly what they might need to study right now, rather than simply where they are in their school syllabus at the moment.

Move up from Foundation to Higher

Most secondary schools follow the approach of allocating students to classes based upon their ability (setting), however, for a variety of reasons this can mean that this setting might be incorrect.

Such issues as lessons missed due to health problems, frequent house moves, or language issues can hold a child back, but with focused support they could be overcome.

Once your child is ‘up to speed’ with their Foundation skills they may be able to take a Higher exam paper and go onto achieve a higher GCSE grade.


Boost Confidence & Self-Belief

Feeling ‘not good enough at maths’ affects many pupils, across all abilities.

For students who have English as a second language, getting to grips with the very many odd and unusual ways of sentence construction can be a source of hardship.

We can sensitively identify and help to overcome their limiting thoughts and beliefs so they can grow their maths skills and achieve better exam results.

Develop Exams and Test Skills

Students need to know how best to approach taking their maths exams, otherwise they won’t gain the highest marks possible.

We can help by explaining exactly how to work through their exam papers, how best to evaluate multiple-choice questions, how to allocate their time and suchlike.

Early practice on this can help to reinforce those habits when taking final exams.

National Curriculum Key Stages

We help children via online tutoring from any of the three main year groups of UK Schools.

  • Reception or Early Years classes – KS1 – ages 3 to 7
  • Junior school – KS2 – ages 7 to 11
  • Secondary School – KS3 – 11 to 14 and KS4 – 14 to 16

We know from experience that it’s never too late to help your child to improve their chances of securing a better exam result – and that tutoring support can start in their early years too.

Subjects Tutored

We are a husband and wife team with considerable experience within a specific range of subjects, we stick to what we know so we can provide your child with the best possible support.

We’re able to provide online tutoring for your child in our core subject areas and ii you click on the headings below you’ll be taken to the page relevant to each subject.

Maths and Statistics

Whether you child is in KS1 or KS2 and beginning their maths learning or progressing through their pre-GCSE years in KS3 or KS4, we can help.

We’re able to break down the different parts of their syllabus and help them to build a strong understanding of how it all comes together.

Maths doesn’t have to be scary – trust us, we’ve seen many children learn to love maths (and a few parents too!)

Science including Chemistry, Biology and Physics

Studying science is something which is best learnt step by step. By this I mean that it’s important for pupils to have a very good understanding of each step in their course before moving onto the next part.

Problems occur, however, when misinterpretations or assumptions are made and then those errors are compounded later.

By clarifying what’s known and what’s misunderstood we can help your child to improve their understanding and that’s going to support them when they take their end of year science exams.

English Language and Literature

Research has shown it’s important that children have an opportunity to learn English as early as possible. For those children where English is a second language this early start helps with learning other subjects too.

Following those initial steps, usually taken at home with the support of their parents, when they go on to attend primary and then secondary school they are able to learn more about how words and sentences are constructed, so they can develop ways express themselves.

11+ Test Preparation

Whilst the majority of UK secondary schools allocate places based strictly upon how far a family lives from the school, there are a few schools who make offers for some, or all of their places based upon entrance exam results.

The vast majority of these schools are the Grammar schools that were set up by an act of Parliament in 1944. As attitudes around education changed, however, in 1976 most were either closed, converted into comprehensive schools, or switched from state to private.

A few remain in certain counties and there is always stiff competition to secure a place in those remaining Grammar schools.

This is why it’s important to ensure that any child aiming to sit an entrance exam has sufficient practice and understands exactly what’s required in the exams.

Contact us

If you would like a free and without obligation discussion as regards your concerns about your child’s studies please complete our enquiry form and we’ll call you back.

We can provide face-to-face (once Covid-19 is deemed cleared) along with on-line-tuition for students and provide a blended approach where necessary.